MMR Committee

Changes to Registration and Lottery Fees

For the 2019 race, we have adjusted our registration and lottery fees in response to feedback from the racing community regarding the non-refundable lottery application fee.

2019 registration and lottery fees

Men’s and women’s races:

  • Registration fee: $85 (previously $65)
  • Lottery application fee: $20 (previously $35)

Junior race:

  • Registration fee: $25 (no change)
  • Lottery application fee: $15 (no change)

These changes do not significantly change our revenue. We’re simply shifting more of the expenses to runners who are getting to enjoy the race experience, as opposed to unsuccessful lottery applicants. We have kept the cost of the junior race the same to encourage entire families to continue participating.

Where’s the money go?

The Mount Marathon Race has grown exponentially since the first official running in 1915. These days, providing a great race day experience for our 1,000 runners and up to 30,000 spectators is an enormous effort that requires hundreds of volunteers. Planning the race is a year-round effort by our dedicated, all-volunteer race committee and our small Seward Chamber staff (they volunteer many extra hours as well).

Race registration and lottery fees help pay for essential expenses.

Race registration and lottery fees are used to help pay for the hard costs associated with the race, which total approximately $85,000.

Expenses include race essentials—such as timing equipment, bibs, safety equipment, facility rentals, equipment rentals, port-a-potties, waste management, etc.—and items that enhance the race experience (for example, finisher and volunteer shirts, patches, awards, etc.).

Our objective is to keep the cost of participating manageable while covering the costs of this nonprofit event. Many other events our size have registration fees upwards of $125.

Support from our auction and race partners helps cover remaining expenses.

Other types of race income—such as auction revenue and cash sponsorships—help pay for the balance of race expenses and the Seward Chamber’s nonprofit staff time.

Generous support from our race partners also helps fund other expenses, such as race swag (like those sweet trail gaiters in 2018 from Altra Running), the Fourth of July fireworks display (sponsored by Seward Subway), and runner hydration (courtesy of Powerade).

The Mount Marathon Race is a nonprofit event benefitting the entire community of Seward.

Any remaining race proceeds support the Seward Chamber’s work to build a vibrant year-round economy in Seward. Proceeds from one raffled race entry support the Seward Community Foundation.

By participating in the Mount Marathon Race, you’re directly contributing to the health of our small coastal community. Thank you to all of our runners, partners, and volunteers who make this iconic Alaska event so special!

Your Emergency Contact Information

Your emergency contact name and number is very important information for the Mount Marathon Race Committee.

In recent years we have found it necessary to contact an emergency contact person for racers, not only in the event of injury or distress, but for confirmation when a runner does not appear at the starting line, finish line or other checkpoints in the race.

Every Fourth of July in Seward, as we host many thousands of visitors, we find that our cell phone towers are overwhelmed and cannot handle the volume. It is difficult to place calls to or from cells phones during that day, and we find that sending a text (which is a much smaller piece of electronic information) is more likely to be received in a timely manner, while at the same time providing a record of the contact.

Therefore, emergency contact names and numbers listed on your Mount Marathon Race Application, should ideally be for people with cell phones that can receive text messages during races times!

Changes for 2019 Race

Registration and Lottery Application Fee Changes

Lottery Application Fee Change

In 2019, the lottery application fee for the women’s and men’s races has been reduced to $20 (previously $35). 

Racer Registration Fee Change

Also for 2019, the racer registration fee for the women’s and men’s races has been increased to $85 (previously $65).

Additional Fees

Individuals who gain entry to the 2019 race through lottery selection, petition, or earned race spot must pay the balance of their race registration fee by April 30, 2019. Failure to do so by that deadline will result in race spot forfeiture.

Learn More

Learn more about our decision to change registration and lottery fees in 2019, right here.

Subway and Olympian Kikkan Randall Are Champions of Healthy Living

By Erin Kirkland

It’s hard to overstate Olympian and lifelong Alaska resident Kikkan Randall’s enthusiasm for healthy living. Her signature grin and shock of pink hair have inspired legions of young people across Alaska, even before Randall and teammate Jessie Diggins brought home a gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.

“Stay active, eat well, and do your best” have long been Randall’s
mantras, and as a force in Alaska’s competitive skiing and running circles, successful ones at that.

Olympian Kikkan Randall helped cultivate a culture of healthy living in the Last Frontier through her partnership with Subway. Photo courtesy Kikkan Randall.

Subway of Alaska and Randall forged a partnership in 2006, teaming up to encourage positive food choices and daily exercise for the benefit all Alaskans.

Through carefully-crafted messaging, Randall and Subway spread the word, hosted events, and quickly generated a whole new way to promote good food and regular activity.

“I was so excited about the opportunity to partner with such a strong brand as Subway,” Randall recalls. “They already had a great campaign going to promote healthy eating, and I was proud to contribute as a role model for healthy activity.”

Dressing up like a superhero to save Alaskans from unhealthy lunches, running kids to their respective finish lines, or leading the charge to involve more girls in athletics are only a few of Randall’s most memorable moments with support from Subway. And even though Randall and her family have moved away from the Last Frontier, her positive contributions, and Subway’s, remain strong.

“Thanks to businesses like Subway that really care about our community, I’ve seen local youth activities grow in number and get more impactful than they used to be back in my younger days,” Randall said. Activities, she says, that challenge kids to be at their
best, from the inside out.

July 4, 2018 marks the 91st running of the Mount Marathon Race in Seward, and this year, Subway is sponsoring the midnight fireworks show in celebration of Independence Day.

Kikkan Randall hits the base of the mountain in the 2010 Mount Marathon Race. The following year, she won the women’s race with a time of 52:53. Photo courtesy Alaska’s Focus Photography.

A fixture of fast, fresh dining since 1994, Seward’s Subway store near the small boat harbor has been owned and operated by Mr. Young Jin Park for almost 15 years.

Randall was a formative competitor in both the Junior and Senior races, tackling her first foray into the steep, risky slopes of the namesake mountain in 1994, and won the Women’s division in 2011 with a record time.

Eating fresh, making lifelong choices for wellness, and staying active; Kikkan Randall and Subway Alaska still agree on the message, with a generation of successes all on their way to a strong, healthy Last Frontier adulthood.

Seward’s Fourth of July fireworks Display is proudly presented by Subway. The fireworks will launch near the Mariner’s Memorial (Seward Boat Harbor) at 12:01 am on Wednesday, July 4. Popular viewing spots include the Waterfront Park, Seward Boat Harbor, or from a boat in the bay. 

Erin Kirkland is an Anchorage-based freelance travel journalist, author, mother, and active participant in the #eatfresh mantra. Follow her family’s adventures at