Deferral Request

Registered racers that have not attained Priority 10-Year status and are unable to run the Mount Marathon Race — due to medical reasons, military service, or other unique circumstances such as COVID-19 reasons —must request a race deferral in order to maintain their Priority Registration status for the next year.

Deferral requests are a two-step process.

  • Register for the race between March 1–31 of the race year (including paying the full registration fee).
  • Submit a Deferral Request Form (see below) between April 15–July 31 of the race year for deferral consideration.

Notifications will be made via email by Aug. 5 of the race year. Approved deferrals will register the following year using the normal registration process (they must still pay the entry fee for the following year).


  • Requests must be submitted to the race director by July 31 of the race year using the online Deferral Request Form.
  • Requests for medical deferral will be honored, but must include a medical provider’s statement verifying an individual’s inability to run the race.
  • Requests for military deferral will be honored, but must include verifying statement from official military personnel.
  • Deferral requests for unique circumstances (non-medical) will be considered, but may not be granted. Reasons related to COVID-19 and the pandemic will be given special consideration in 2021.

Submit a Deferral Request