Priority Registration Status

Priority registration status guarantees a runner entry provided they register. Priority is assigned in the following order:

Women’s and Men’s Races

  • Previous overall winners of the men’s or women’s Mount Marathon Race.
  • The Top 50 Percent of finishers of each age-group.* (New rule created for the 2019 and implemented beginning in 2022; see 2020 Rule Changes for details).
  • Top-10 age-group finishers from the previous year’s race.*
  • Skip-A-Year applicants from the previous year.
  • 10 year status applicants.
  • Runners with an approved deferral from previous year.
  • Finishers of the junior race the previous year who have aged into the adult race.

Junior Race

  • Previous overall winners of the boy’s or girl’s Junior Mount Marathon Race.
  • Finishers from the previous year’s race.*
  • Runners with an approved deferral from previous year.

* Exclusions

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