Train Smarter with Advanced Physical Therapy

Stay Healthy on Your Path to Race Day

Happy Spring, runners! Despite the unpredictable weather here in Alaska, it won’t be long until the long and sunnier days of summer return.

To help you prepare for race day, we’re excited to share a 10-week Mount Marathon training plan developed by Collin Atkinson, PT. Collin is a Seward-based physical therapist at Advanced Physical Therapy, one of our leading race partners. 

In conjunction with the training plan, Collin will be providing race clinics and recovery talks in Seward. For more information about these events, follow APT–Seward’s Facebook page and join the “Advanced Physical Therapy Mount Marathon” group on Strava.

Click here for a PDF of the week-by-week training plan.

General Training Principles:

You should be running easy on your non-workout days. There is such a thing as running too fast on your easy days. Easy running days are designed to build up your body’s resilience to repetitive load. In addition, most runners will find that speed and competitive running improves dramatically with a focus on running slower on easy days.

Change is OK. A plan is not a rigid structure, but it is designed to be a framework. Listen to your body. If you are feeling sluggish, or don’t have the urge to run, it is ok to change workouts or take the day off. Change the plan to meet your life—not the other way around.

It is more important to reach the start line healthy than it is to stick to a training plan. Hill running requires significant leg strength and coordination (neuromuscular control). Rest can make the difference between running in this year’s race and watching on Fourth Avenue.

If you do find yourself dealing with a nagging injury, schedule an evaluation with your local physical therapists at APT. You may not even need a referral to have your visit covered by insurance.

Final words of wisdom: If you find that you like some workouts more than others, it is ok to modify the sample program to reflect your preferences. Keep it fun!


Advanced Physical Therapy is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the Mount Marathon Race for the third consecutive year. APT offers injury-prevention, training, and rehabilitation strategies for optimal athletic performance at five clinics throughout Alaska. Learn more at